Novartis (Bangladesh) Ltd.

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AGRIPPAL SI 0,5ml Inj.

Agrippal is a third-generation, highly purified, surface-antigen (subunit), inactivated influenza va..

BDT 650.00

RASILEZ 300mg Tab.

Aliskiren 150mg & 300mg/tablet (film-coated). 300mg x 28's pack: 2184.00 MRP..

BDT 2,184.00


Zoledronic acid 4mg/vial with ampoule of 5ml water for reconstitution: injection. Ind: Preve..

BDT 26,122.00

ACLASTA 100ml Inj.

100ml solution (in bottle) contains 5mg zoledronic acid (anhydrous), corresponding to 5.330mg z..

BDT 32,500.00


Clomipramine hydrochloride 25mg/tablet.50's pack: 325.00 MRP10 Pcs Tablet: 65.00 MRP..

BDT 65.00

ASUNRA Dis. 100mg Tab.

Deferasirox 100mg & 400mg/tablet (dispersible). 100mg x 30’s pack: 1239.00 MRP ..

BDT 1,239.00

ASUNRA Dis. 400mg Tab.

Deferasirox 100mg & 400mg/tablet (dispersible). 400mg x 30’s pack: 4963.00 MRP..

BDT 4,963.00

CATAFLAM 25mg Tab.

Diclofenac potassium 25mg & 50mg/tablet 25mg x 50's pack: 200.00 MRP10 Pcs Tablet: 40.00 MR..

BDT 40.00

CATAFLAM 50mg Tab.

Diclofenac potassium 25mg & 50mg/tablet 50mg x 50's pack: 325.00 MRP..

BDT 325.00

CERTICAN 0.25mg Tab.

Everolimus INN 0.25mg, 0.5mg & 0.75mg/tablet. 0.25mg x 60’s pack: 6,854.40 MRP..

BDT 6,854.40

CERTICAN 0.50mg Tab.

Everolimus INN 0.25mg, 0.5mg & 0.75mg/tablet. 0.50mg x 60’s pack: 13,707.60 MRP ..

BDT 13,707.60

CERTICAN 0.75mg Tab.

Everolimus INN 0.25mg, 0.5mg & 0.75mg/tablet. 0.75mg x 60’s pack: 20,562.00 MRP..

BDT 20,562.00

CO-DIO VAN 80/12.5 Tab.

Valsartan INN USP 80mg + hydrochlorothiazide BP 12.5mg/tablet (f.c).28's pack: 1344.00 MRP..

BDT 1,344.00

CO-DIOVAN 160/12.5 Tab.

Valsartan INN USP 160mg + hydrochlorothiazide BP 12.5mg/tablet (f.c).28's pack: 1848.00 MRP..

BDT 1,848.00

CO-DIOVAN 80/12.5 Tab.

Valsartan INN USP 80mg + hydrochlorothiazideBP 12.5mg/tablet (f.c).28's pack: 1344.00 MRP14 Pcs Tabl..

BDT 672.00


Artemether 20mg & lumefantnne 120mg/tablet. 16's pack: 346.40 MRP..

BDT 346.40


Artemether 20mg & lumefantnne 120mg/tablet. 24's pack: 519.60 MRP..

BDT 519.60


Entacapone 200mg/tablet (f.c).It is a chocolate-o-methyl transferase inhibitor.Ind: Adjunct to levod..

BDT 2,474.40

DESFERAL 500mg Inj.

Desferrioxamine mesylate 500mg/vial: powder for injection.500mg vial x 10’s pack: 2709.00 MRP..

BDT 2,581.00

DIOVAN 80mg Tab.

Valsartan 40mg, 80mg & 160mg/tablet.  80mg x 28's pack: 1344.00 MRP ..

BDT 1,344.00