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Comp: Each capsule contains 450mg spirulina whichconsists of- Protein 55-70%;Carbohydrates 15-25%; F..

BDT 120.00

AMLACID 450ml Syp.

It is an amalaki rasayana product. Each 5ml contains liquid extracts of Emblica officinalis 3.03ml P..

BDT 100.00

FAMICEF 250mg Tab.

Cefiiroxime axetil 250mg & 500mg/tablet (f.c). 250mg x 20's pack: 502.00 MRP..

BDT 502.00

FAMICEF 500mg Tab.

Cefiiroxime axetil 250mg & 500mg/tablet (f.c).500mg x 8's pack: 361.28 MRP..

BDT 361.28

FULSPEC I.V 500mg Inj.

Meropenem trihydrate 500mg & lgm vial; powder for reconstitution: i.v injection.500mg vial x l's..

BDT 652.46

A-Bi 100mg Tab.

Thiamine hydrochloride 100mg/tablet 100's pack: 74.00 MRP..

BDT 74.00

A-CAL 500mg Tab.

Calcium carbonate 1250mg (equivalent to 500mg elemental calcium)/tablet.100's pack: 350.00 MRP..

BDT 350.00

A-CAL D 200 i.u Tab.

Calcium carbonate USP 1250mg equivalent to 500mg elemental calcium and vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) ..

BDT 75.00

A-CAL D 200 i.u Tab.

Calcium carbonate USP 1250mg equivalent to 500mg elemental calcium and vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) ..

BDT 150.00

A-CALM 50mg Tab.

Tolperisone hydrochloride 50mg/tablet.50's pack: 200.00 MRP..

BDT 200.00


Isosorbide mononitrate 20mg/tablet 100's pack: 142.00 MRP..

BDT 142.00

A-CLOX 250mg Inj.

Cloxacillin 250mg & 500mg/vial: injection. 250mg vial x 5’s pack: 68.55 MRP..

BDT 68.55

A-CLOX 500mg Cap.

Cloxacillin 500mg/capsule 100's pack: 596.00 MRP..

BDT 596.00

A-CLOX 500mg Inj.

Cloxacillin 250mg & 500mg/vial: injection.500mg vial x 5’s pack: 121.75 MRP..

BDT 121.75

A-CLOX Dry 100ml Syp.

Cloxacillin BP 125mg/5ml: syrup 100 ml bot: 44.83 MRP..

BDT 44.83

A-COF 100ml Syp.

Dextromethorphan hydrobromide lOmg, pseudoephedrine hydrochloride 30mg & triprolidine hydrochlor..

BDT 60.00

A-FENAC 10gm Gel

Diclofenac diethylamine BP 1.16% (11.6mg/gm) equivalent to diclofenac sodium 1% (i.e 10mg/gm): gel p..

BDT 13.05

A-FENAC 12.5mg Suppo.

Diclofenac sodium 12.5mg & 50mg/stick (suppository)12.5mg x 10’s pack: 80.40 MRP ..

BDT 80.40

A-FENAC 25mg Inj.

Diclofenac sodium 25mg/ml; 3ml ampoule, for deep i.m injection.10 amps, pack: 140.60 MRP..

BDT 140.60

A-FENAC 25mg Tab.

Diclofenac sodium 25mg & 50mg/tablet (e.c). 25mg x 100's pack: 55.00 MRP ..

BDT 55.00